About Wescon Controls

About Wescon Controls

Controls for a World in Motion

Privately-owned Wescon Controls, LLC is the premier supplier of mission critical controls to the Outdoor Power Equipment market and a significant player in non-automotive controls to the agriculture, construction, powersports vehicles, and motorcycle markets. Our mission is to provide quality products, support and service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Our two manufacturing plants, located in Wichita, Kansas, and in Juarez, Mexico, enable us to service a highly diversified customer base across multiple markets in an efficient and timely manner. Our ability to offer dual capabilities with both plants located in North America provides our blue-chip OEM customers the ability to mitigate their supply chain risk while assuring the highest quality standards.

Wescon is vertically integrated with a variety of in-house capabilities that differentiate us from others including conduit fabrication, screw machined products, metal stampings, and die cast cable terminations. We offer both Bowden and long-lay type housings for our conduit fabrication, with more size and material variations than anyone else in the world. This enables us to supply overĀ  700 customers with their control requirements.

Screw machined products are used in nearly every product of our extensive line: conduit swaged fittings, cable swaged fittings, support tubes, threaded end rods, threaded in-line adjusters, swivels, threaded ferrules, valve bonnets, connection kit hardware and a vast array of custom-machined products.

Metal stampings are produced for custom control levers and brackets, brake levers and mounting side plates, mounting clips, and clevises. Die cast cable terminations are used extensively in tension cable products and pull-pull cable systems.

Hundreds of our fitting configurations include die cast z fittings, ball fittings, shank ball fittings, barrel fittings, paddle or eyelet fittings, tailgate fittings, slotted carburetor fittings, a wide variety of slug and shank slug fittings, teardrop fittings and custom die cast fittings tooled for a variety of cable sizes.

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