Wescon Controls Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Wescon Controls, LLC, a premier supplier of mission critical controls and a significant player in non-automotive controls, is celebrating their 75th anniversary as a company. Starting out as a small, family owned, two-person company in 1946, they have grown to an international scale as a privately owned subsidiary of Suprajit Engineering, Ltd., with locations in Wichita, Kansas, Juarez, Mexico and Bangalore, India. 

Over the past 75 years, Wescon Controls has expanded their markets and products which includes a focus on research and development (R&D) and electronic controls. Wescon Controls is a leading supplier to over 600 customers in industries as diverse as Agriculture, Construction, Industrial Equipment, Power Sports Vehicles and Outdoor Power Equipment, including all the leading manufacturers such as Bad Boy, Briggs & Stratton, Excel, Honda, Husqvarna, John Deere, Metalcraft, MTD, Textron, and Toro, to name a few.

A large part of the success of Wescon Controls can be attributed to its people. Employees at Wescon Controls are viewed as the company’s most valuable asset, some of whom are second and third generation family members. Thanks to the employees of Wescon, the company has continued to stay competitive. 

Wescon Controls is on the precipice of expanding their products and markets even further as they continue to grow. As Wescon Controls expands, they will continue to maintain their positive impact on the local economies. In Wichita alone, Wescon Controls provides approximately 175 jobs and is poised for continued growth. 

Steve Fricker, President & CEO of Wescon Controls, said, “We are grateful for our 600+ customers who have chosen to purchase control solutions from Wescon Controls for over 75 years. Wescon Controls’ position as a leader of control solutions to the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry, Power Sports Vehicle Industry, Agriculture Industry and the Construction Industry has benefited our customers, community and employees. We are proud of our ability to offer affordable, uniquely designed, engineered solutions for a wide variety of customers. We are expanding our capabilities and product offerings to meet the changing needs of consumers, while continuing to support the product life cycle of our existing products. Wescon Controls is looking forward to supplying our customers with quality built and competitively priced products for the next 75 years and beyond.” 

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